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Your two favorite people were back in court today, with Shelly Sterling seeking an injunction against Donald Sterling, accusing him of threatening her lawyer and two doctors who had him declared mentally incapacitated. I know you're not sick of hearing Donald Sterling's voice on tape yet, so please enjoy, via the L.A. Times, his angry voicemail calling a doctor a tramp:


Highlights include "I'm not incompetent, you're incompetent, you stupid fucking doctor!" and "I'm more able to perform than you are!"

A second doctor also received a voicemail. Sample quote: "You're nothing but a fraud and a liar and a cheat and I'm gonna see that you lose your license and I'm suing you for conspiracy!"

Additionally, Shelly Sterling's attorney, Pierce O'Donnell, testified that during the conference call in which Donald Sterling was told of her intention to sell the team, Donald said "I am going to take you out, O'Donnell!" O'Donnell claimed he interpreted that as a death threat.


The judge denied Shelly Sterling's request for an injunction, telling both sides to chill the fuck out.

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