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Don't Shoot, I'm Just an Attorney

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Yes, you laughed at our long-standing policy of turning down any hunting invitations from Dick Cheney. Well, who's laughing now? As Texas attorney and lobbyist Harry Whittington discovered on Saturday, when the Vice President shows up at your door wearing a red vest and packing a shotgun, it's best to just fake an illness. As you probably know, Whittington was shot by Cheney during a quail hunt (or, as the White House prefers to call it, 'friendly fire') and was rushed to the hospital, where he is expected to recover. The nation, however, may not. A sampling of the reaction so far:

The Daily Kos:

"Rove's report: 'Quail began returning fire and Whittington selflessly threw himself in from of VP Cheney to defend his life.'" — caribon


"Be vewy quiet, I'm hunting wobbyists." — Green917

"Exactly how many people were shot on Dick's rampage? We only know about the sole survivor." — Cache


"Worst Veep since Aaron Burr? He IS Aaron Burr! Republican. Selected by the Supreme Court. Shot a man." — suzq.

Democratic Underground:

"Come to think of it: thank God he did not enlist." — rumpel

"Most dangerous place in politics — between Cheney and a game bird." — GreatCaesar'sGhost

"Harry Whittington, author of these memorable volumes?" — Friday's Child.

Dave Barry:

"A word to the wise, do not mess with Dick Cheney, lest he mistake you for a quail."


Also it should be pointed out that, in the original article on the New York Times web site, Cheney was described as "an accomplished hunter." A few a hours later, that phrase was changed to "an avid hunter."

VP Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter [ESPN Outdoors]

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