Dutch Soccer Hooligans Storm Pitch To Brawl With Players And Security Guards

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The players of Dutch second-division club Go Ahead Eagles didn’t show much fight in their 4-0 home loss to De Graafschap this weekend. To remedy the situation, a handful of the home team’s most moronic fans stormed the pitch after the final whistle to try to literally beat up the opposing players who had just finished metaphorically beating up on their favorite team:

Just when stadium security had appeared to have wrangled the violent idiots on the field, a few more shitheads hopped down from the stands to attack the guards and free their brethren. Thankfully the insurgents were all subdued before anyone got hurt.

Go Ahead Eagles released a statement castigating the hooligans, saying they are “deeply ashamed” of the incident. Hopefully the hooligans themselves, while in lockup at the police station or back at home, also felt a deep sense of shame. Though judging from how commonplace this kind of fan behavior is in soccer, we wouldn’t bet on it.