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Dwight Howard Hammers Blake Griffin On Dunk Attempt

The butt-ass Rockets are getting blown out by the Clippers tonight. This despite Houston’s best attempts to turn the game into a never-ending round of knockout with all their goddamn intentional fouls.

Here we get a very different—but still intentional—kind of foul. Dwight Howard, at times the only Rocket giving an observable fuck in this series, puts his hands on Blake Griffin so as to avoid eating a faceful of genitals.


Shouts to Dwight for pretending like he hurt his neck as he shoved Blake down to the ground. (I guess Griffin did get a pretty good pull at Howard’s right shoulder area.)

It’s been kinda cool to see some of the old Dwight in these playoffs, but after tonight, the Rockets can’t get eliminated from the playoffs fast enough.


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