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Eastern Conference Pants Party!

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As one would probably expect from this season, the Eastern Conference NBA playoff matchups are less compelling than the Western Conference, and we're not just saying that because we're in Los Angeles right now. Personally, we're kind of sad David Stern didn't extend a sort of courtesy invite to the Knicks; it would have been fun to watch them combust for four more games. Larry Brown would have never survived.

Anyway, here's a look at views from around the Web on the four Eastern Conference matchups.


Pistons vs. Bucks
Bill Simmons: Pistons in five.
Daily Quickie: Pistons in four.
YAYSports!: Pistons in four
J.E. Skeets: Pistons in four.
Gilbert's Arena: Pistons in four.
Complete Sports: Pistons in five.
Chris Sheridan: Pistons in four.
• Deadspin: Pistons in five.

Heat vs. Bulls
Bill Simmons: Heat in six.
Daily Quickie: Heat in five.
YAYSports!: Heat in seven.
J.E. Skeets: Heat in five.
Gilbert's Arena: Heat in five.
Complete Sports: Heat in five.
Chris Sheridan: Heat in five.
• Deadspin: Heat in six.

Nets vs. Pacers
Bill Simmons: Nets in four.
Daily Quickie: Nets in five.
YAYSports!: Nets in four.
J.E. Skeets: Nets in seven.
Gilbert's Arena: Nets in six.
Complete Sports: Nets in seven.
Chris Sheridan: Nets in seven.
• Deadspin: Pacers in six.

Cavaliers vs. Wizards
Bill Simmons: Cavaliers in seven.
Daily Quickie: Wizards in seven.
• YAYSports!: Cavaliers in seven.
J.E. Skeets: Cavaliers in seven.
Gilbert's Arena: Wizards in six.
Complete Sports: Cavaliers in seven.
Chris Sheridan: Cavaliers in seven.
• Deadspin: Wizards in six.


Let's hear your funky predictions in the comments.

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