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#25 Iowa 55, #12 Michigan State 85. It seems a little unfair that one college basketball team has three dudes averaging more than 17 points each. Maurice Ager had 25, Paul Davis 19, and Shannon Brown 17.

Purdue 49, #11 Indiana 62. When Indiana and Purdue play, it's always worth revisiting this.


South Carolina 78, Kentucky 80. Kentucky chose to honor members of the 1966 team that lost to Texas Western at halftime today, and I'd just like to add my voice to that. So thank you, gentlemen, for um... I dunno. Not being as good as the black guys, I guess.

#12 West Virginia 60, #18 UCLA 56. Mike Gansey seals the win with the most beautiful and squeaky clean pickpocket job you'll ever see.

Temple 34, UMass 60. Happy 74th birthday, John Chaney! As a general rule, I think teams are unlikely to win when they score 40 fewer points than their coach's age.