"Erratic" North Dakota Zamboni Driver Arrested For Suspected DUI

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Last night was a Friday in January, so the most exciting thing happening in Fargo (N.D.) was definitely a high school hockey game. It was even more exciting than usual for professional Zamboni driver Steve Anderson.

Anderson, a Fargo Parks District part-time employee in charge of the Zamboni at the Fargo South Sports Arena, was arrested last night for alleged drunk driving, according to KFGO. Inforum reports that police were called after spectators at the game—between the Davies High School and WIlliston High School girls' teams—noticed Anderson was driving "erratically." The saddest little detail? The girls had to finish their game on "rough ice" because nobody else could drive the Zamboni. Where's the on-call Zamboni driver, man?


Anderson follows in the footsteps of Joel Bruss, who was arrested in Apple Valley (Minn.) three years ago after his board-smashing Zamboni driving caught the attention of, well, everybody. Bruss had a blood alcohol level of 0.32, and ultimately was sentenced to two years probation. But eight years ago, a New Jersey judge ruled that, in New Jersey at least, there was no such thing as Zamboni DUI.

Some quick Googling doesn't turn up any previous arrests or convictions for Zamboni DUI in North Dakota, so maybe we'll get some new state case law out of this!



Photo via Bruce Bennett/Getty