ESPN Says Curt Schilling Will Be Back For The Playoffs. Let's See What He's Been Up To. [UPDATE]

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ESPN baseball commentator Curt Schilling, who earned himself a fairly lengthy suspension for sharing a crazy-ass meme about Muslims and Nazis on his Facebook and Twitter pages, will be back in the booth studio for ESPN’s MLB playoffs broadcasts. So, does this mean Schilling has stopped putting insane shit on his Facebook page? Of course not!

Here are a few things Schilling has shared onto his Facebook page in recent days:


Good shit.

Update: We reached out to ESPN PR flack Josh Krulewitz to see if the network had anything to say about Schilling’s Facebook activity. Here’s what we sent:

Hey Josh,

We were wondering if ESPN has anything to say about Curt Schilling continuing to post political memes on his Facebook page.


Here is the response we got:


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