ESPN's Hannah Storm: "What Exactly Does The NFL Stand For?"

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ESPN anchor Hannah Storm signed off this morning's SportsCenter with thoughts on covering the NFL and their handling of Ray Rice, and essentially questioned if the league she enjoys actually cares about female fans, families, or the issue of domestic violence.

"On Monday morning, I was genuinely excited to come to work and break down what I thought was a fascinating first weekend in the NFL," Storm said. "Instead, I kicked off ESPN's coverage of the horrific Ray Rice elevator video."

Storm also called bullshit—in so many words—on the NFL's zero-tolerance policy, as the Ravens and Roger Goodell only threw Rice out of the league after the video of him knocking out his fiancée in an elevator was available to the public.


"If the NFL and the Ravens had to see that video to be moved to significant action, should those who support the league demand the same?" Storm asked. "To see action? To see change before believing?"

Before kicking it over to Sunday NFL Countdown, Storms concludes with one more question: "What exactly does the NFL stand for?"