Every NBA Team's Season, In One Chart

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Here's a chart by Houston Rockets analyst Ed Kupfer (you might remember him from that NBA strength of schedule chart a while back) that does the simple, useful job of lining up how each NBA team's offense and defense have stacked up to the rest of the league. You aren't going to find too many surprises—offensive and defensive efficiency are well known stats at this point—but it's worth taking a look at if you aren't buried in NBA minutia every day.

Indiana redlining on defense all year, but fading just a bit on offense; the Clippers' gradual ascendence into a top 5 or 10 defense; Miami mailing in the first few weeks on defense; Philly's early season success, followed by the dismal past few months; Chicago and Charlotte's bipolar tendencies; Dallas's continued struggle-season; whatever the hell is going on in Minnesota—and on and on, just two lines telling the stories, more or less, of the NBA season so far.


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