Tonight, while the baseball world watched the return of Alex Rodriguez, another young baseball fan used Twitter to gain a whole lot of attention and retweets in exchange for promising everyone the schadenfreude of watching him get obliterated by stadium security. He began the night with a simple proposition: 1,500 retweets and he would run on the field and slap five with A-Rod in the seventh inning. He wound up flaking for unknown reasons, but may have had an unlikely ally talk him out of it.

Here's a quick rundown of his evening.

As you can imagine his timeline was full of almost universal support for the stunt, except for that one from @Veeckasinwreck, who promised tickets for tomorrow night's game if he didn't run on the field.


@Veeckasinwreck, who claims to be a "ticket salesman extraordinaire" in his bio, very likely could make good on that promise in Chicago. He is William "Night Train" Veeck, grandson of Bill Veeck, the former White Sox Owner and brains behind Disco Demolition Night, one of the craziest stunts baseball has ever seen.

Good old whatshisface never did wind up going through with it tonight. Once he got his 1,500 retweets, he then tried to crowdsource bail money before making his run and, shockingly, no one was willing to give a stranger on the internet money for running on a baseball field after he just moved the goalposts on them.

It's likely he never really was going to do it anyway, but you never know, it could be that the grandson of baseball's most notorious stunt man stopped baseball's lamest.

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