Odds are, part of the reason Trish Staine's pregnancy took her by surprise was that her husband John had a vasectomy.

Staine was training for a half-marathon in Duluth, Minnesota when she began to experience tightness in her back on Sunday. She thought it was just random back stiffness after running nine miles, but it was probably the baby inside her trying to get out. The pain persisted and worsened Monday—probably because the baby was still there—to the point where she had to go to the emergency room. Upon her arrival, docs told her they found a fetal heartbeat (because of the baby inside her) and that's when she realized she was pregnant. They took Staine to labor and delivery and five minutes later she was holding a healthy 6-pound-6-ounce baby girl.

When we asked her if she had any symptoms of being pregnant, she said no! "I didn't gain any weight. I had my period. I had no idea."

Trish and her supposed-to-be-shooting-blanks husband, with whom she already has two biological children as well as foster kids, are either genetic marvels or they're headed for some serious counseling. John's first question was "[w]hose baby is that?" He was also mystified by Trish's lack of symptoms, adding "[h]er face was even thinner."

Happily, it seems John and Trish have opted for the genetic marvel route and have named their surprise daughter Mira—short for miracle—which is definitely a better name than WTF.

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