Footage Of Maryland Student's Beating Goes Missing, Re-Appears Minus Some "Editing"

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A disc of security camera video that might show police officers assaulting a Maryland student during the post-Duke game bliss mysteriously went missing, then re-appeared hours later....with a two-minute gap in the footage. Wait! That's not the shadiest part, yet!


After a homemade video surfaced that showed U-of-M student Jack McKenna being brutally beaten by riot cops while celebrating the Terrapin win over Duke this season, investigators decided to subpoena surveillance footage of all the campus security cameras in the area. Campus police turned over sixty hours worth of video discs—but somehow didn't have the disc that covered the time and location of McKenna's beating. They blamed it on a technical error, saying that the footage had been automatically erased by the system. Then just hours later, the disc in question magically appeared, but with two minutes of missing footage. Weird, right? Now he's the wacky part....

Ready? The officer who oversees the video surveillance system at the University of Maryland is married to one of cops in video. A cop who McKenna was falsely accused of attacking, before the first video showed that was a lie. Here's how a more "objective" journalist behaves when they can't write, "Gimme a break!":

"In another bizarre coincidence, the campus police official in charge of the video surveillance system, Lt. Joanne Ardovini, is married to one of the National Capital Park police mounted officers who was named in the complaint Prince George's County police filed against McKenna."


That is certainly bizarre! What are the odds that a policeman involved in a possible cover-up could be married to a woman in a position to cover things up? What a small, corrupt world we live in.

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