Former 49ers LB, Scheduled To Testify In Aldon Smith DUI Trial, Has Vanished

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Oakland Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith will stand trial in Santa Clara, California, on May 2 on charges of DUI, hit-and-run, and leaving the scene of an accident. Scheduled to testify at the trial is free agent linebacker Nick Moody, who played with Smith in San Francisco and was with him the August day he allegedly drunkenly drove into a parked car. Except Moody has seemingly disappeared, and nobody can find him.


Earlier this month, a Miami-Dade County judge ordered Moody, a Miami Beach, Florida, resident, to travel to California and testify at Smith’s trial. California prosecutors had asked Miami-Dade prosecutors to have a judge compel Moody to show up. Moody was supposed to be in a Miami courtroom this morning to promise that he would testify, but he no showed:

But Moody, a Miami Beach resident and former Florida State linebacker, has vanished, ignoring e-mails, text messages and calls from prosecutors on both coasts.

“I’m stunned that Mr. Moody defied the court’s direct order to appear today,” Miami-Dade prosecutor Christine Zahralban told the judge on Friday.


Prosecutors issued a warrant for Moody’s arrest, and are apparently willing to go to fairly extreme lengths to get Moody to Santa Clara:

If Moody is arrested in Miami-Dade, prosecutors will likely ask that he be held in jail until California authorities can transport him across the country. He could also be held in contempt of court and sentenced to jail time.

Moody is currently a free agent, and last played for the Seahawks practice squad.

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