Fox & Friends Host Has Annoying Question For Mo'ne Davis

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Mo'ne Davis, the 13-year-old girl who led her baseball team to the Little League World Series by being awesome and striking fools out, was a guest on this morning's episode of Fox & Friends. Naturally, co-host Eric Bolling seized on the opportunity to be annoying.

"Hey quick question, Mo'ne," he interjected. "What about a you know, typically, uh, I don't know, more female friendly sport, like soccer? No?" Um, cool question, guy. Hey, little girl, you are really good at pitching and that's what you are currently on TV to talk to us about, but honestly the main thing I want to know is how come you don't play a girl sport?


Further cementing her status as a badass, Davis brushed the question off with ease and proceeded to coolly and confidentially assure Eric Bolling that she could strike his punk-ass out any day.

h/t Media Matters

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