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Freddie Mitchell Talks His Way To The Arena League

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Remember Freddie Mitchell? The Eagles wide receiver who was just like Terrell Owens except that he, you know, wasn't actually very good (but still loved loved loved to talk, famously saying he to "thank [his] hands" for getting him where he is)? The one who so infuriated Patriots coach Bill Belichick that he called Mitchell "terrible," that he "loved when Freddie was in the game" and insisted reporters quote him on it? Anyway, he was run off the Eagles and found no feelers from any other NFL team.

Well, he might have found his place now: The Philadelphia Soul, the Arena League team owned by Jon Bon Jovi and run by Ron Jaworski, are looking to sign Mitchell, who might find that he has no other options.


Personally, we think that Jaworski leaked this story to the Philadelphia Inquirer simply to humilate Mitchell, who is unlikely to sign, if just because he'd have to play defense. But we love the idea anyway; it's rare that one of the jerks gets his comeuppance, so it would be nice to see. Couldn't happen to a better fellow.

Freddie Mitchell Got Fingered [Philadelphia Will Do]

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