“Friendly” Mexican League Match In Las Vegas Gets Violent And Idiotic

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Contacto Deportivo - Jul 4, 2013 1_04 AM

A match between Mexican rivals Club América and Guadalajara held in Las Vegas tonight came marketed as a "friendly," but the fighting started among fans before the game, made its way onto the pitch during it, and eventually got so hectic the match was called off prematurely.

Up to 400 people were involved in a fight outside Sam Boyd Stadium before the match, a brawl that necessitated Las Vegas police to bring in the riot squad. The players themselves entered into a brouhaha in the first half, and after a late Guadalajara goal brought garbage raining down upon the pitch and fights in the stands—as well as several idiots on the field—the match referee called things to a halt before finishing out the final minutes of added time.


The pre-game riot involved fans hitting each other with rocks:


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