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From Murder To "Falling Down Stairs" In 24 Hours

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All kinds of strange things happening in the investigation into the death of legendary Alabama booster Logan Young. The man, chronicled memorably by a while back, was found dead in his home last week, and his death was widely considered a homicide.

How widely considered? Police said upon entering Young's home that, "The nature of the attack was brutal. The whole house was a crime scene."


But what did they say yesterday? "It's possible Young fell down the stairs or something else."

Wha-wha-whaaa? Fortunately, there's a reasonable explanation for this other than Southern politics being more wrapped up in football and old boy networks than, you know, solving crimes. There's an explanation that makes it clear that this is all above board, that there's nothing incredibly shady going on. We just haven't found it yet.


Police Now Say Young Death May Have Been An Accident [Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer]

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