Pickles and ice cream are for amateurs, man. Peanut butter and American cheese sandwiches, hold the breadā€”that's how you do vile food pairings in style.

Maybe you've got your own version of PB&AC? Tell us about the weird things you eat. We want to know the dark and perverted things you do with your comestibles.

To help set the tone, I polled the Deadspin staff to ask about their weird eating habits. The results were disappointing, actually. I work with this group and can confirm that they are strange and creative peopleā€”it's sad that those fine qualities don't extend to their mouths.

Will Gordon: "I put hot sauce in plain yogurt, which feels kinda kinky now that I think it through. And I'm not some kinda hot-sauce-on-everything tough guy, either. It just goes nice with semi-solid dairy, I guess."

Rob Harvilla: "I used to eat Hot Pockets with a knife and fork. That is probably not as god intended. It just seemed classier."


Samer Kalaf: "Occasionally I'll dip french fries in mustard, but I don't know how weird that is."

Drew Magary: "I eat almond butter for breakfast. In a bowl. With nothing else."

Tim Marchman:


Diana Moskovitz: "One thing that comes to mind is when I eat waffles I get really OCD about them. I have to get a little bit of butter and a little bit of syrup in every single square. No, really, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SQUARE! And then I eat them with my hands instead of fork and knife to avoid syrup/butter loss and spillage."

Kyle Wagner: "I used to eat canned ravioli cold out of the can as a major food group."

As for me, I'm sure I have weirder ones, but chowing down on soggy salad for breakfast is my most consistently odd eating habit. I had some yesterday! Scrumdiddlyumptious.


Your turn. Weird eating habits in the comments.

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