Fun With Mike And Mike's Wedding Thing

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We don't want to get stuck in Kick ESPN mode today, but we've been thinking more and more about this "Mike and Mike in the Morning" radio wedding thing, and we think it might be the most insane thing we've seen in many a moon. We can't get our minds around it. We're not sure what we think is craziest. Is it that you have to apply in the next three weeks to be a finalist? Is it that you have to go on the show afterwards and compete against other "contestants?" Is it that you have to find a tuxedo that will fit Mike Golic?

The whole thing kind of blows our mind, actually. So, as inspired by some commenters yesterday, we would like to elicit the help of you, our readers. We'd like to see if some of you would be willing to apply for the program. Don't worry: You don't have to actually get married. But we want to hear the stories of how far you got in the process, the absurdity of it all. Since we can't imagine very many people would actually go through this, we have a feeling we can flood the zone and sneak a few Deadspin pucks past the ESPN goalie. We suggest you, like us, just use the application form and then wait to see if you're selected. We want to see how just ridiculous this whole thing will go. Who's with us?


Marriage Madness Application [ESPN Radio]