Gabe Kapler's Advice To Baseball Players: Get A Nice Tan On Your Nuts

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Former Major League Baseball player Gabe Kapler is now the Dodgers’ Director of Player Development, but on the side he also runs the blog Kap Lifestyle, which we’ve written about before. On Kap Lifestyle, Kapler and guests write about topics like nutrition, weightlifting, and working out. Today’s entry, titled “Au Naturel,” stands out.

Here’s how it opens:

If you want to be your strongest, get some sun on your boys. And by boys, I mean your testicles.


To be frank, that’s a :muscle: emoji lede. That’s compelling shit. I want to read the hell out of this content.

Kapler writes about how vitamin d—which you mostly get from sunshine—is important for testosterone production, and that baseball players likely don’t get enough of it because they’re suited and booted with a cap on out in the field. Kapler’s solution to this problem is for baseball players to sunbathe in their birthday suit and get some sol on their cojones.


But why does Kapler think sunning your nards in particular would increase testosterone production? He cites a 76-year-old observational study, in which men were exposed to UV radiation aimed at different parts of their body for five days. Those that had it aimed at their chest increased testosterone by 120%, while those that had it aimed at their coin purse increased testosterone by 200%.

Kapler admits relying on a 76-year-old observational study is pretty sketchy science, but posits that maybe spending a few minutes a day in the sun with your down belows hanging out there will “get that extra inch on your line drives.” And who knows? Maybe he’s right.


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