Gene Chizik's Wife Went A Little Crazy On Facebook Yesterday

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It's been a rough year for Gene Chizik's Auburn team, but things are about to turn around in a big way if Chizik's wife has anything to say about it. Yesterday, Jonna Chizik took to Facebook and posted the following inspirational(?) screed:

This is the response I gave to one of our fans, Brandi Efferson, on facebook today.
Maybe one of you will feel led to take this on....

"I have given quite a lot of prayerful consideration to your desire to help and make a difference this season and I do have a thought. As you know,

Social media can be a very powerful tool.

Recent examples of its power can be cited by googling

how it played a primary role in the Occupy Wall Street protests, the uprising in Egypt, the Konya 2012 movement, and the various flash mobs that randomly occur all over the world to name just a few examples.

Therefore, my humble suggestion is to create a VERY POWERFUL "ALL IN"

movement of your own.

We have fans all over the US and I think it is time that they RISE UP and snatch back what satan, himself, has stolen.

We serve a God who recovers ALL that "has been stolen" from us and there are times that He requires the efforts of His people to accomplish this truth.

Just think about the effect it will have first for the players and their families who sacrifice daily but how it will impact the fan base as a whole.

During the season of 2010 the fans came together each Friday afternoon to send our boys off with a reverse tiger walk and the effect of just that alone was palpable enough that it carried over onto the field each and every Saturday.

I encourage you to think outside the box and create something that will show the rest of the world WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO and why when we refer to ourselves as FAMILY that we mean it.

I look forward to see what you come up with.
Blessings, Jonna Chizik
P.S. feel free to share all of this as you feel led!

Um, what? So satan is the reason that Auburn sucks, and fans need to RISE UP and defeat him with a powerful ALL IN? Is that what you are trying to say, Jonna Chizik? Because that would be crazy. Maybe you should clarify:

To clarify my original post about utilizing social media to come together as a fan base in support of what Auburn stands for...when I refered to what satan has stolen from us as a whole I NEVER meant or even vaugely was refering to wins and/or losses on a football field. To be clear, I honestly believe that God doesn't care who wins a football game but I do know that we serve a GOD big enough to do as He pleases.
So for those who have misunderstood my humble attempt to get the best fan base in America to rally around a group of 17-22 year old young boys and for those that have misrepresented my words or my intent to unite the Auburn Family please forgive me for offending you with the integrity of my heart.


OK, that's...not very helpful. Let's just move on. Does your child happen to have any opinions on cans of beans?

Oh and another moment worth sharing...
Referring to a can of beans without a snap off lid... Last night, Kennedy asks, " hey mom, how do you open this"?
I hand a can opener...I show her how to use it...and with great joy she declares, "oh my gosh this THING (the can opener) is SO precious...(yes she actually said PRECIOUS)...our generation has no idea what they ate missing out on"!
AND therefore that is why Landry will be in charge of me when I am old!!! Baahaa