It looks like the Greek Freak’s season has come to an unfortunate end.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was ejected in the second quarter of tonight’s Bulls-Bucks game for a flagrant foul on an unsuspecting Mike Dunleavy. The Bulls were beating the Bucks by 30 at the time, so you could understand Antetokounmpo’s frustration when someone as aggressively white as Dunleavy was about to rain down another three. Still, it was a pretty vicious and uncalled for shot, and certainly ejection worthy.

It’s not the right way for one of our favorite players to go out. We’ll choose to remember Giannis for his stink faces and gyro steps, and look forward to his return next season, assuming the Bulls don’t blow their huge lead.

Update: Perhaps what Giannis did was perfectly called for! It looks like Dunleavy was taking his own cheap shots at the Bucks during the course of the game, including a straight up punch to Michael Carter-Williams’s neck. You can check those out here:


Video via Fox Sports Wisconsin