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Giants' Brian Sabean: "We Realized How Tough It Is To Win A Major-League Game"

Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty
Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty

The Giants’ year has been a miserable and seemingly interminable slog of suck, a mess of bad baseball and bad feelings and essentially an entire season spent in last place. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins today, the team’s executive vice president of baseball ops Brian Sabean makes no effort to sugarcoat things or spin out any of the usual front-office platitudes about what they’ve learned and what they’ll do next year. Nope. The only message is that the Giants have been so goddamn bad, and it feels as bad as it looks.

Some lowlights from the interview, any of which could pretty reasonably stand in for a description of someone suffering through a Greek tragedy:

The Giants’ executive vice president sensed there was something wrong as early as spring training, and by May, he knew there was no way out.

By the end of April, the season had become “a wake-up call,” he said. “We hit rock bottom so hard, we realized how tough it is to win a major-league game, win a series, have a winning week. You almost start doing the math too early: How the hell are we gonna overcome this?”

“We can’t go overboard, like, ‘Nobody can play. Nobody should come back on this team.’”

“And let’s face it, how many free agents are going to come here? They’re not.”

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