A couple days ago, we gave you book recommendations from the Deadspin commentariat. But we've also excerpted from a good number of books this year, too. Here's a list of those in case you're still in the market for gift ideas.

Slow Getting Up by Nate Jackson. Read former NFL tight end and friend of the site Nate Jackson's first book about his professional football journey. We excerpted a part about the numerous, inevitable injuries that come along with any player's career. [Amazon]

Home Grown by Craig Fehrman. In Home Grown, Craig Fehrman follows the band Cage the Elephant before they made it big around the town of Bowling Green, KY. Foodspin ran an excerpt where Fehrman sings the praises of Tidball's, one of those small town dive bars half the bars in NYC try to imitate. [Amazon]

The Kid by Ben Bradlee, Jr. The Kid strives to be the definitive telling of Ted Williams's life, reaching both before and after the Hall of Famer's first and last breaths. We ran an excerpt decidedly post-final(?)-breath, about the time his dead head was cut off. [Amazon]

Dr. J: The Autobiography. Julius Erving on Dr. J. Our excerpt has him recounting a few choice memories from his playing and "playing" days, if you catch my drift. [Amazon]

The Squared Circle by David Shoemaker. Read former Deadspin writer known around here as The Masked Man's account of professional wrestling's history. The section we ran examined the life and death of Chris Benoit. [Amazon]

Dollar Sign on the Muscle by Kevin Kerrane. All you'll ever need to know about baseball scouting. We excerpted a section on Branch Rickey's contribution to the modern day farm system. [Amazon]

Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson. It's Mike Tyson, which means it's a must read. Still not convinced? He talks about coke hits and drop kicks. [Amazon]

Qaddafi's Point Guard by Alex Owumi. The story of Alex Owumi's time playing basketball for the Libyan team financed by the Qaddafi family. This excerpt gives you a hint of what he was in for. [Amazon]

Monsters by Rich Cohen. Sort of an oral history on the 1985 Chicago Bears' season. In our excerpt Cohen talks to former safety Doug Plank about delivering big hits. We also ran the author's annotation of a photo with the men that made it to the White House in 2011 to finally be recognized for their Super Bowl. [Amazon]

The Numbers Game by Chris Anderson & David Sally. Anderson and Sally dig into the statistical side of the game of soccer. We ran an excerpt detailing just how good Lionel Messi actually is. [Amazon]

Pitching in a Pinch by Christy Mathewson. Former Big League pitcher Christy Mathewson dishes on the tricks of the trade in baseball. Here, he describes the process of stealing signs. [Amazon]

Someone Could Get Hurt by Drew Magary. Hey, that name looks familiar! Our excerpt has but one of many passages on the pains of parenthood. [Amazon]

The Secret Lives of Sports Fans by Eric Simons. Simons investigates the psychological reasons why Cowboys fans felt like throwing up last Sunday. The excerpt we ran started to describe why the brain just can't escape the abusive relationship that is much of sports fandom. [Amazon]

Earl the Pearl: My Story by Earl Monroe. The first-hand account of a guy who had a ton of fun playing professional basketball. Here, Earl recounts weighing the pros and cons of life in Indianapolis vs. New York. [Amazon]

Kings of the Road by Cameron Stracher. The rise of running as a pastime. The part we ran tells the story of marathoner Frank Shorter. [Amazon]

Journeyman by Sean Pronger. Usually it's the books by the decent players are the most illuminating. Pronger's fits into that class, telling one story about playing in a game with his childhood idol, Wayne Gretzky, while hungover. [Amazon]

Jewish Jocks edited by Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy. Jewish Jocks is a collection of essays on the Jewish contributions in the sports world. We ran Sam Lipsyte's essay on what it was like to be the son of the famed sportswriter Robert Lipsyte. [Amazon]

American Pastimes: The Very Best of Red Smith edited by Daniel Okrent. Red Smith is one of those rare revered figures that actually live up to the hype. You can read this column of his included in the collection, about Reggie Jackson's three homers back-to-back-to-back in the '77 World Series, or a number of others republished on The Stacks. [Amazon]

Hoop: The American Dream by Robin Layton. This book treats the basketball hoops tacked up around the country as pieces of art. We ran a small sampling of some particularly notable ones. [Amazon]

15 Sports Myths and Why They're Wrong by Rodney Fort and Jason Winfree. Fort and Winfree tackle 15 common sports tropes and debunk them. We featured their argument for why much of the logic supporting the NCAA's version of amateurism is stupid. [Amazon]

The Victory Season by Robert Weintraub. A focused view on the 1946 MLB season, the first season back for many of the star players away for WWII. Our excerpt was a retelling of the time Leo Durocher beat up a heckler. [Amazon]

Newton's Football by Allen St. John and Ainissa Ramirez. The sport of football from a scientific angle. We ran an excerpt looking at how the true behemoths of the game got to be so big. [Amazon]