Another edition of the Deadspin Gift Guide Roundup here, this time updating you on the best gift ideas for people who actually play sports. Here's what passed our strenuous vetting process:

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill P200. That contraption you see Kobe using is AlterG's Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Specially designed to lessen the wear-and-tear on people recovering from injury, the treadmill bears most of the weight of the user, creating the "weightlessness" of low gravity. The P200 version goes for $75,000 and up, but spare no expense getting your loved one back on the playground basketball court. [AlterG]

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Prince Squash Starter Kit. Squash is an underrated game. It's really easy to learn, you get to smash a ball at high speeds into walls and your friends, and most gyms have a spare court somewhere. What more could you want? [Amazon]

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Dunlop Play Smash 4 Player Badminton Set. Ditto everything said about squash for badminton. With this, though, you don't need to rely on a gym and can set up your own court in the backyard. Plus, you get to say shuttlecock a bunch of times. [Amazon]

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Smith I/O Goggles. The description of these goggles has a bunch of technical details that are probably impressive to real snowboarders. So yeah, get these for real snowboarders. [evo]

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Bodyglide. I don't always chafe when I move, but when I do, I prefer Bodyglide's soothing salve to correct the issue. [Amazon]

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Windpower Super Kite Sail. Ever gone kiting and thought to yourself, "why does the kite get to have all the fun?" Well with this cool toy, you get to be the one flying around in the wind! Warning: like most regular kites, you will probably end up in a tree. [Amazon]

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Mueller Nose Guard. Great for the athlete with a busted smeller or just a big Rip Hamilton fan. [Amazon]

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