If you've been reading these gift guides the past couple weeks and still haven't found that perfect gift yet, whatever you do end up getting probably won't be that impactful anyways. So how about just going with one of these music suggestions, courtesy of the Deadspin commenters?

Capitol Years by The Kingston Trio. I've only the vaguest idea of what this box set sounds like but Erg seamed pretty passionate about it so why not. [Amazon]

Via Erg

Death From Above 1979 Sweater. The band? Again, not really my thing. I'd definitely rock this sweater, though. [Killthe8]

Via TheNeutralFan

Sonos Play 5. The Sonos Play 5 is a wireless speaker that connects to your home internet network and can play any song off of your hard drive, or from any of the streaming services. Plus, you can control it remotely with a phone app. Expensive at about $400, but sounds cool. [Amazon]

Via TheMechanicsOfRoadBeef

Purple Snow by Various Artists. A number of you recommended anything by this Numero Group label, and with this collection you can see why. Purple Snow documents some of the pre- and nascent-Prince-era Minneapolis Sound. In addition, physical copies come with a 144-page book going into the backstory of the album's contributors. [Numero Group]

Via Desperate Hours

Sound System by The Clash. Ah, man, The Clash! Box set! Classic music. I especially love their one song... well actually there are too many great ones to name! Totally getting this. [Amazon]

Via brnzo

Gift a one year Daytrotter membership for $32. Daytrotter is the internet service that makes available a huge number of live recordings from a huge number of artists. Sort of like a live, indie-focused Spotify. Membership also allows you to download any track on mp3. [Daytrotter]

Via shocker_in_gloomtown

American Primitive: Raw Pre-War Gospel (1926-36) by Various Artists. A gift of some of that old time religion. [Discogs]

Via Tom Ley