God Bless Evan Turner, Who Really Tried This Shit

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This was, without a doubt, my favorite moment from last night’s game between the Cavaliers and Celtics. A little more than a minute before this happened, Celtics guard Evan Turner had just hit a three to put his team three points from the lead. Turner was feeling pretty good about himself after that shot, so good, in fact, that he thought it would be an ideal time to try and climb the ladder on LeBron James.

Turner’s earned himself a bit of a reputation as a petulant dweeb who thinks he’s much better than he is, and that’s exactly what makes this moment so sweet. LeBron seems to know all about Turner, too, giving him some much deserved shit after the block.


It’s even sweeter in slo-mo:


Thank goodness for players like Evan Turner, who will always be around to reach beyond their limits.