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One of the worst kept secrets of the Super Bowl week is that Al Michaels, after all the Monday Night Football switching-around, will leave ABC once Sunday's broadcast is over. (If you have a subscription, has some good info on this.)

We have many Al Michaels memories — and it's not like he's dying; expect to see him all over NBC next year — but our favorite, like we suspect yours is, will always be the O.J. Simpson Blanca Bronco chase in 1994. In case you've forgotten, a Howard Stern fan called ABC during the chase and pretended he was in Brentwood watching O.J.. He of course yelled "Baba Booey" at the end of the call, and Michaels had to inform a befuddled Peter Jennings that it was a prank call.


"Do you believe in miracles?" Too many years ago for us; that will always be Michaels' signature moment.
"I See O.J." [Phony Phone Calls]

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