Greetings. Let's Turn This Mother Out.

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Hello, and welcome to our official Super Bowl XL live blog. We have a large pile of guacamole-flavored Doritos, various carbonated beverages that mix well with rum and a room full of people whom we had to fight to turn the television from the Puppy Bowl. (It's good to see Pat Summerall still getting some work, though.) We've been doing push-ups all morning and are wearing this. (We're making the cat wear this.) So yeah: We're ready to go.

Here's how this is gonna work. We're gonna be putting up a new post every quarter that will be updated live throughout. You can hop in the comments section, or you can just email us at to chime in with all kinds of wisdom. By the end of the game, if the booze keeps flowing, we're full planning to be 100 percent Roethlisbergered. So it's gonna be a great time.


And remember: The Best Episode Ever — "Code Black! Code Black!" — is coming up in just four hours. So hang in there. Let's do this. We promise to be 23 percent as good as Stevie Wonder's son was on the drums. Enjoy.