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Group Of 45 Magnum, P.I.s Kicked Out Of Tigers Game For Alleged Catcalling

Your bachelor party is supposed to be special. Your bachelor party is supposed to be yours. Do not let yourself be limited by the cultural mandate for an uninspiring night of strippers and overpriced tequila shots. You can dream bigger. You can dream of—say—dressing up as Magnum, P.I. with 44 of your closest friends and attending a Detroit Tigers game, from which you will ultimately be ejected for alleged catcalling and smoking.

This is what happened to Michigan man Joe Tuccini at his bachelor party this weekend, as recounted by the local News-Herald. Like any episode of Magnum, P.I., there’s a mystery here—the guys in the party say that the Tigers told them they were being ejected for smoking inside the park and catcalling women, but they claim that not all of them were engaging in such behavior. The real reason they were kicked out, Tuccini told the local FOX affiliate, was that they were simply so cool and fun that they were distracting fans from the game on the field. (The Tigers lost to the White Sox, 10-4.) Hmm. Okay.

At any rate, here’s some video of them being kicked out:

Please keep in mind the other mystery here, concerning how one guy can invite 44 people to his bachelor party.


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