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Guess When Bonds Will Make History Angry

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As most of you know, Barry Bonds hit his third homer of the season last night, and now it's seeming inevitable that he'll pass Babe Ruth, eventually, perhaps even in the next week or so. So we figured it was probably time for another Deadspin contest, since when something semi-historic happens, we should probably have something to contribute other than just "ya'll know he's on 'roids, right?"


So: We're asking you to predict the pitcher off whom Bonds will hit his 715th homer to break Ruth's record. If you're the first person with the right answer, you'll receive the usual copy of our book and the fiancee's book, but also a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble so you can buy books from outside our immediate sphere of influence. We like to give things away sometimes; it makes us happy. In addition, whoever wins will be awarded one full post to write whatever they would like about Bonds; they can even say "Deadspin is a bunch of assheads," and that'll be fine too.

Entries are due by 9 a.m. ET time tomorrow, so hurry. If nobody gets it right, or Bonds just never homers, nobody wins except us, who will probably use the BN certificate to kick some Soduku ass.

So email us your entries at by 9 a.m. Friday morning. We'll announce the winner when/if Bonds breaks it. Enjoy.

Barry Bonds Apocalypse

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