We knew Rex Ryan was in Spain for the running of the bulls, and we knew at least one person over there had claimed to see him in action. Pics of Rex running for his life on the Pamplona streets had yet to surface, however, which was surely disappointing. But lookit! Here they are! Getty Images had them all along!

A reader named Charley was sifting through a Chicago Tribune photo gallery of images from a variety of wire services covering the Fiesta de San Fermin. Charley noticed a certain gray-haired dude in the bottom left corner of the photo above. Rex! Blammo! That led us to the rest of the Getty archive, where we happened upon several more photos of what looked like the same crowd around the same bull. And we were delighted to find Rex attempting to make his getaway in every one of them. Look at him (try to) go!

UPDATE: There's now video.

These photos have the potential to be the biggest highlights of the 2013 Jets season.