Here Are The Thunder's Hotel Aliases

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Below you’ll find a room list found before Game 1 at the Four Seasons in Houston (right across from the arena), where the Thunder were staying for their first-round series against the Rockets. We didn’t run it then because we didn’t want Rockets fans pulling the fire alarm or making late-night calls to the rooms. But that obviously doesn’t matter now!

The first column appears to be coaches and staff, with at least some (Billy Donovan, Mo Cheeks, Mark Bryant, Darko Rajakovic, Vin Bhavnani, Royal Ivey) staying under their real names. It’s the section below that which appears to be the players, and all 15 seem to be under fake names.


At first glance I spot Crash Bandicoot, Lane Kiffin, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Marty Funkhouser (from Curb Your Enthusiasm), Walter White (from Breaking Bad), Dale Doback (from Step Brothers), and Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski. And “D. Hizmet,” which I would guess is a reference to the unofficial name of the Gülenist movement supported by Enes Kanter.

What’d I miss, and which fake names do you think correspond with which players?