Here's A Video Of 35 Times Stephen Curry Hit A Shot From 28+ Feet This Season

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Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is en route to demolishing his own NBA single-season three-pointer record, and if the quantity weren’t astonishing enough consider this: at least 35 of the 276 threes Curry has hit this season have been from 28 feet or further, more than four feet behind the three-point line:

Kerr might not be exaggerating in saying that Curry’s half-court shots are like another player’s 3-pointers. This season, Curry is 4-of-11 from beyond 39 feet, good for 36 percent. In the range between 28 and 50 feet, Curry is 35-of-52, good for an efficiency that exceeds making 100 percent of your 2-point attempts.

We tracked what we believe to be those thirty-five 28+-footers, and compiled each into the above video. We’ll try to update it as the season continues.