Here's Another Awesome Richard Sherman Interview, Before Erin Andrews

Before Richard Sherman gave his fantastic interview on Sunday night, Fox Deportes got to him. We somehow haven't seen it until now. It might actually be even better than the one with Erin Andrews.


Sherman basically ignores all prompts from the reporter, and does an extended cut of the Michael Crabtree sucks! riff, sending it home with a strong, "HE'S WEAK!" The format is interesting, though, because Sherman and the reporter are walking as they talk, so he's not leaning into the camera, and the reporter just rolls with Sherman's answers, lobbing a new question to him to ignore whenever Sherman pauses. It's a fantastic 30 seconds.

Then, as the poor Fox reporter is getting out of the on-field spot, you can see him give Andrews a clumsy hug in the background before the interview starts. While we're here, though, if Andrews came up on Sherman as he was finishing screaming at the camera, how did she end up so surprised?

[Fox Deportes]

h/t Charley