Here's Laremy Tunsil Admitting He Took Money At Ole Miss Before Getting Abruptly Hustled Off Stage

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After Laremy Tunsil fell to #13 in the draft, texts purporting to show conversation with Ole Miss staffers about them paying his rent popped up on his Instagram. The posts were deleted, along with Tunsil’s account, and given when they were posted, it’s highly unlikely that he posted them himself.

In his post-draft press conference, reporters asked him about the texts and whether or not he took money at Ole Miss. Two minutes in, someone asks him straight up if he took money and he responds “Nah, I wouldn’t say that.”

But then, at 2:45, after admitting the texts were his, someone asks: “Was it an exchange between you and your coach, for money?” and he says “I’d have to say yeah.” Then, during another question, a woman abruptly comes onto the stage, insists that Tunsil has no more comments, and shuffles him off, where he was briefed behind a door.


We’ll update this post when more information becomes available.

YouTube video by Zennie62, who doesn’t understand how the internet works.

Update: Here’s another angle, as aired on ESPN.