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Well, the golden boy Theo Epstein has returned to the Boston Red Sox, and as you could probably guess, Red Sox fans are rather excited. (Our favorite take is, typically, Soxaholix's: "Zeus has sent thundah out of a cleah blue sky Odysseus has returned!")

One guy who isn't, though, is (of course) Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who at this point could toss a flaming bag of his own poo right in the face of Johnny Pesky and still couldn't get any less popular among Red Sox faithful.

[Epstein] undermined the credibility of the entire Boston front office by straddling the fence regarding his place in the organization. He repeatedly refused offers to return, but would not rule out coming back. He revealed himself to be every bit the cutthroat politician Lucchino is. He's been at best, immature and at worst, duplicitous.


"Yeah, Boston, and your dog is ugly too. Look, I'm gonna kick it. Take that, dog!" The best take on this is from Baseball Musings, which points out the Red Sox's interaction with Epstein is almost identical to the Yankees' with Billy Martin, back in the day. That made us very happy; maybe Epstein will grow a mustache?

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