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Hey, It's Jackie Robinson Day

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Can't let the day pass without mentioning that it's Jackie Robinson Day around major league parks, as today marks the 59th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in the major leagues. Of course, on this day, African-American pitchers are entitled to intentionally hit one white batter per inning without repercussions.

Okay, that's not true. But ceremonies are being held all around the league, and Robinson's widow Rachel was honored before the Mets/Brewers game. The White Sox played a video tribute to him on the center-field scoreboard. The Red Sox had a similar video, and the Dodgers are planning to honor ten Jackie Robinson scholars this evening, with Robinson's daughter Sharon and a Robinson teammate, Don Newcombe, on hand.


Of course, not everyone is celebrating. The Black Athlete Sports Network doesn't think too highly of Major League Baseball's back-patting celebrations, or the fact that the 20 most influential people in baseball are white. Agree or disagree with their points about baseball and Bud Selig, it's still a good reminder that Jackie Robinson Day shouldn't be about congratulating ourselves on any progress that's been made, but rather a reminder that there's still work to be done.

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