Hey, Maybe Pete Had A Game That Weekend

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We don't mean to imply that Joe Montana might not always put his son's basketball games ahead of money — or even that his PR team might come up with the most family-friendly excuse (one the NFL still hasn't endorsed) possible once he skipped out on an event because he wasn't paid enough — but we were looking around at some other matters Montana has had on his agenda of late.

Let's see. There was the Saturday, January 21 memorabilia signing at Caesar's Palace with Pete Rose, the place's regular occupant. And then, in a couple of weeks, you'll be able to see him with other San Francisco luminaries at the Cow Palace, signing whatever you put in front of him. (Except for NFL Super Bowl MVP items.)


We're not going to give out any information about any athlete's kids here ... but we will say that game that Montana had to rush home to catch Super Bowl weekend? It's a good thing Montana was at that one, because he definitely missed one when he was hanging out with Pete in Las Vegas.

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