Highlights Of Tom Brady's Personal Emails, Revealed In NFLPA Lawsuit

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Part of the prodigious information dump related to Tuesday’s NFLPA lawsuit against the NFL is a mammoth collection of Tom Brady’s emails, each carefully tagged by an expert as possibly relevant to the Patriots quarterback’s four-game suspension for allegedly manipulating footballs. The relevations therein turn up very little about deflating footballs, but a lot about Tom Brady the man, his businesses, and his personal life.


The vast majority of the emails contained in the evidence dump are between Brady and his offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. These are, by and large, redacted as (presumably) proprietary football-related information. Emails, phone numbers, and myriad other personal or impersonal details also drew the black box of redaction throughout the dump; there’s also a lot of very boring financial information provided from Brady’s money people, flagged because they refer to economic deflation (or inflation). We found some nuggets, though, worth noting—and we’ll try to explain them as best we can figure out from the context. The process by which these emails were flagged can be found in a sworn statement by the forensic investigator at the bottom of this post.

First: A quick email from the boss, and a followup to an assistant. It’s unclear precisely what invoice Robert Kraft owes to Brady’s TB12 Sports Therapy Center, but the Patriots owner appears rather contrite over the issue. It’s safe to assume that part of Brady’s restructured contract featured a mandatory donation, or something along those lines.

From: “Kraft, Robert”
Date: February 10, 2015 at 6:30:55 PM EST
To: Tom Brady
Subject: Re: Balance Starement 12.27.14-1.19.15

Tommy I will cover this as I never want misunderstanding between us I’m sorry if this is happened

We will have a chance to talk about the coming year after you talk to Bill and make sure we have a clear understanding

Much love


On Feb 22, 2015, at 9:43 AM, Tom Brady wrote to “Glaser, Robyn”:

Hi there. I am sure you have been swamped. I am back in town now. Do you know if this invoice has been paid to tb12?thanks Robyn happy Sunday

In late February, the Vancouver Canucks made a road trip to Boston to play the Bruins. Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini requests Brady meet with his players, and Brady squeezes out a donation to his foundation in return. Aquilini can afford it.

On Feb 11, 2015, at 5:47 PM, Francesco Aquilini wrote:

Tom: Let’s just skip the whole talk to the players thing and just go to dinner. We will just have fun. Cheers Francesco

From: Tom Brady Date:02-11-2015 8:06 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: Francesco Aquilini
Subject: Re: Dinner

Hi there I apologize for the late reply. We have been traveling all day to Montana and just getting settled. Gisele is still in brazil so I am just trying to coordinate schedules w her too. I would love to help you and your players out, I also know it can be a very sensitive topic for players/coaches especially when it comes to taking care of their bodies. If you think it would be a great benefit to them it would be my pleasure to help. Why don’t be both sleep on it for a couple days and see how we feel. I wouldn’t want it to be a waste of their time and I also know if the players aren’t open or receptive to making changes then it will be a waste of my time. Let me know how that sounds. I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care

On Feb 20, 2015, at 9:35 AM, Francesco Aquilini wrote:

Tom: Any Looking forward to seeing you and Gisele on Monday for dinner. Do you have a place in mind? On the player note, I spoke to my guys about meeting with you and how they felt about it. I told them that they would need to be open to listen to different ideas otherwise their is no point in meeting. They were thrilled and really honoured that you would make the time for them and said they would love hear your preparation and body maintenance for games. (Don’t let a small problem become a big problem!). They are really looking forward to meeting you. Just from my conversation with you last summer it was amazing how far advanced you are in sports science. They will only benefit from someone like you that is actually doing it as opposed to theory. I’ve spent a lot of time on sports science, you are by far the most advanced I terms of its application. They are really interested in what you have to say on a lot of topics especially someone who has had a long successful career in pro sports and winning so many championships. If your still open to the idea we can meet for an hour before dinner somewhere and then go to dinner from there. There will be 6 guys from our leadership group and Trevor Linden our President and myself. It can be a round table discussion very casual. Cheers!

On Feb 20, 2015, at 10:18 PM, Tom Brady wrote:

Hi there. That sounds good to me. It will be a fun experience for me to share what I know with your players. I have been very fortunate to learn the right information from the best person in the world whom I work with. His name is Alex. He is my body coach and the person who I am blessed to have learned from. I would like to bring him also so he can answer some technical questions if the guys have any. He hasn’t been wrong 1 time in the 11 years we have worked together. We should allow 2 hours as time will fly. As for dinner, there is a great restaurant called Oishii. It is in Boston. We can go with our wives there. I do have one request. I am starting a foundation as it relates to the business Alex and I have together. We want to educate all athletes on sustained peak performance. As you might imagine, we turn kids and parents away who can’t afford to come and get treatment at our center. Sometimes they come for one treatment and are headed in the right direction but can’t follow up because they dont have the financial means. That has been a challenging issue for our center because our body coaches are also care givers and it’s hard to turn people in need away. I would only ask that after our meeting, if you feel like we have helped you and your team, that you would make a donation to our foundation to treat those young athletes who can’t quite afford it. Thanks Francesco I look forward to seeing you

From: Francesco Aquilini
Date: 02/21/2015 5:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: Tom Brady
Subject: Re: Dinner

Tom! Dinner sounds great! We would be glad to donate to your foundation! It’s for a good cause. Lets discuss it when I see you. If we could meet with the players say at 3:30 on Monday that should give us enough time before the dinner. I think we are Getting a meeting room at the four seasons. I will confirm with you the location. Say Dinner at 7 pm at Oishii.

On Feb 22, 2015, at 8:45 PM, Francesco Aquilini wrote:

Just so you know who is coming tomorrow They all know to keep our meeting very confidential, not to discuss it with anyone. See you tomorrow

On Feb 22, 2015, at 9:05 PM, Tom Brady wrote:

Great I look forward to seeing and meeting them all. Hopefully we can all learn something. My friend and partner Alex Guerrero has been my body coach for 11 years and he has taught me so much. It will be a fun discussion. Safe travels have a fun night in LA.

From: Francesco Aquilini
Date: 02/23/2015 11:40 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: Tom Brady
Subject: Re: Dinner

Just got feedback the players are really excited to meet you and hear what you have to say.

We don’t have the email to which Brady is replying here (sent from Brady’s former Michigan teammate), but it’s likely in reaction to ESPN’s Mark Brunell crying over deflated footballs, which happened the same day the email was sent.

From: Tom Brady
To: Pat Kratus
Sent: January 22, 2015 2:56:41 PM PST
Subject: RE: Mark Brunell

He’s a patriot hater. They all are!!!

Here’s an email forwarded to Brady via his mysterious business manager. The original sender is prominent United States Attorney Eric Christofferson.

From: Eric Christofferson
Date: January 22, 2015 at 7:42:42 PM PST
To: Will McDonough
Subject: Absurd

The sanctimonious finger wagging over deflation might be the most absurd thing I have seen the media do, which is saying something. Some of the questions TB was asked today were more obnoxious than a congressional inquiry. Sucks that he had to go through that in the absence of any actual facts. In my business, those kind of questions get you sanctioned by a judge. He was amazingly calm. I’m sure he’s relying on friends like you to keep him sane.

Anyway, hope all is well buddy and hope we can connect soon.

Later that day, McDonough insisted Brady read this analysis of his public image shortly after the Deflate-gate story broke. (The analysis, from the perspective of interpersonal and deceptive communication theory research, is complete garbage.)

From: Will McDonough
To: 12 Sent: January 22, 2015 8:55:46 AM PST
Subject: Fwd: Deflated in Boston: A BIA Analysis
Attachments: Deflated - BIA Between the Lines Report - 1-21-15.pdf, ATT00001.htm

You should read this prior to any interviews you do about this

Belichick has really dropped this in your lap just now . Don’t take this lightly.


Interlude: a surprising number of emails in the dump involve Brady’s former partner, actress Bridget Moynahan. The correspondence reveals that not only do the two—who have a child together—maintain a civil relationship, but that Brady’s current wife Gisele Bündchen is sometimes included in the emails, too. No tabloid fodder here!

J.J. Dudum is a real estate developer, former USC kicker, and apparent Brady pal:

On Jan 21, 2015, at 9:04 PM, J.J. Dudum wrote:

My Man!! Will you tell these idiots to shut the “F” up about these deflated balls!!! Give me a break!!! Maybe if it was close let’s chat about it but 45-7 you kicked their Ass!! Don’t they have something better to talk about????? >

From: Tom Brady
To: J.J. Dudum
Sent: January 21, 2015 6:18:25 PM PST

We are the patriots everything is a big deal >

Sometimes you can’t get what you want, even if you’re a mega-rich superstar and what you want is a white pool cover:

From: Ben Rawitz
Date:10/22/2014 9:24 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: Tom Brady
Subject: RE: Winter Pool Cover

In the winter the water level is lowered so when it freezes the tile does not get damaged. The pool cover on there now rests on top of the water to support its weight and it cannot hold the weight of the snow/ice in the winter. The winter cover is designed to support the weight and also allows water to drain through it so there is no need for pumping water off. It takes 2-3 weeks to get the cover, so yes we can wait another month. I suggest a white cover to blend in with the snow or black.

Subject: RE: Winter Pool Cover
From: Tom Brady
Date: Wed, October 22, 2014 9:25 am
To: Ben Rawitz

I like the white cover also. Similar to the color we have now.

From: Ben Rawitz
Date:10/22/2014 3:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: Tom Brady
Subject: RE: Winter Pool Cover

FYI - No white. Going with black cover.

Subject: RE: Winter Pool Cover
From: Tom Brady
Date: Wed, October 22, 2014 3:52 pm
To: Ben Rawitz

What kind of morons don’t have white cover. Can we check with another company

From: Ben Rawitz

G decided on gray and order is in.

...but sometimes, you get exactly what you want.

From: Tom Brady
To: Eisen, Rich
Sent: December 30, 2014 3:53:53 AM PST
Received: December 30, 2014 3:53:53 AM PST
RE: We got our man

Yeah its a great day for the wolverines. Go blue

And, then, sometimes, you have to pay for it. Here’s a snippet of what was a long email chain between Brady and his businesspeople with regard to his acquiring the domain TB12.com, with some deception involved. (It appears their plan failed.)

From: Jeff Surette
To: Tom Brady Alex Guerrero
Sent: February 26, 2015 4:59:00 AM PST

It’s interesting — someone’s owned the TB12.com domain for 13 years, so it’s possible that they’re not a squatter and just like the “TB12” name, which is probably a better situation for us. Last week Tony suggested that — if we did want to try to buy TB12.com — we should do everything possible to conceal the real identity of the buyer. Apparently he’s gotten good deals in the past by having interns convince squatters that they’re doing school projects, etc. It’s worth doing whatever we can, I suppose. Anyway, here’s the status of the most relevant domain names I could come up with. Let me know if there are others that you think I should check. Anything in red is owned by someone else, anything in green by us / RKK. Given that these cost $10/year to register, I’d recommend that we lock up all / most these available names.


Tom Brady on scoring clothes from Tom Ford:

On Oct 18, 2014, at 5:19 PM, “Tom Brady” wrote:

>hi tania…i hope you are doing well and enjoying your fall. i was wondering if there was anything new to show me or any updates on the polos with the rugby fabric. also do you have any of the black sneakers in the high top in my size or any suit fabrics? thanks Tania

On Oct 19, 2014, at 9:27 PM, Tania Ontaneda-Scire wrote:

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your email and I hope that you had a great weekend. Yes I have great new pieces I think you may love. There are new sweaters that have arrived in a few options and quite a few outerwear pieces you would like if you need. Do you think you will be around to stop by soon or do you want me to send you a few options? It’s up to you because I know that your schedule is busy. You let me know what would work best for you. The rugby polos are still not available but we have asked that they notify us if they become available. I am waiting for a reorder of the sneakers coming in the next week or so. I can definitely get them for you. Can you confirm the size:). Once they get received I will let you know via email. I have all of the new fall/winter suit fabrics in so if you would like I can send you the travel swatches to look over. Keep me posted. I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you are having a great Fall season together with your family:)

All my best,


And, finally, a brief response to a hilarious email to Brady from celeb fitness trainer Jorgen de Mey:

On Jan 23, 2015, at 3:28 PM, Jorgen de Mey wrote:

Normally I don’t respond to these kind of situations. But, WTF, fucking media!!!

Listen, in my opinion, if u would try to lie about the whole thing, I would imagine, you’d come up with a MUCH better answer than “oh, when I woke up on monday, I was just as surprised as you guys!”

Pfff, you are in the moment, you get a fucking football and you throw the damn thing! Deflated, inflated, it doesn’t matter, you are TOM Brady!!! I know, how you throw, you were throwing medicine balls, laying on your back, 15 yards, right in my stomach, every time, BOTH arms!!

Tell these assholes to give you a nerv ball and show them how you throw that thing. It’s called adjusting in the moment!

Lay it on them tom! Be mad next time. Next week: it’s “do or do”!!!!

Amen (sorry)


Re: Ok
From: Tom Brady
To: Jorgen de Mey
Sent: January 23, 2015 1:30:15 PM PST

Thanks Jorgy we will do our talking on the field. I can’t wait!!!

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