Hockey Fight Concludes With A Hug And A Beer

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We saw a hockey fight end with a high-five and hug earlier this month, but this brawl from the Federal Hockey League is much better.

Matt Puntureri of the Danville Dashers and Jesse Felton of the Dayton Demonz—yes, with a "Z"—dropped gloves and helmets immediately after a faceoff in the third period of Friday's game, circling each other and getting the crowd ready to watch a fight. Just as the two got close enough to trade blows, they hugged instead. Aw! Puntureri then pulled a beer out of his pads, cracked it open and took a swig, toasting the crowd as he skated around the ice with Felten.


The FHL is technically a professional league and not the Harlem Globetrotters, so some people weren't as amused by the fake fight, such as the fan who threw a water bottle onto the ice, or the tipster who sent this in, angry that this happened in a game that affected playoff seeding. One could argue that with a 4-0 score halfway through the third period and Dayton outshooting Danville 46-31, the match was rather one-sided, and it wasn't like anyone suffered any consequences outside of Felten and Puntureri.

Actually, the two pacifists didn't even suffer any consequences. According to the box score, neither received a penalty for fighting or instigating.


H/t to Tom