On Dec. 3, MMA fighter Ray Elbe says he suffered one of the worst injuries that can happen to any man. While having enthusiastic sex with his girlfriend, he claims to have torn his penis.

From Sherdog:

"I ended up fracturing my penis bone ... I tore the urinary tract, tore some membrane — as it happened you can imagine the shock and the horror that was going on," Elbe said in a video posted to his website on Sunday. "I jumped up from the intimate moment, blood shooting out of my groin. I immediately tried to run to the shower, felt myself losing consciousness, tried to walk back to the bed at which point I collapsed, knocking myself out. I gave myself 10 stitches and fractured a couple teeth."

There is no "penis bone," but Elbe can get a pass on that one. Not only did he tear his dick, but in the process of dealing with the pain of tearing his dick, Elbe says he passed out and busted his mouth, too. The octagon must feel like a safe place compared to his bedroom.


Elbe was in Malaysia at the time and stayed at a hospital for five days. While Elbe says he was waiting in the emergency room, he chronicled his torn dick adventures in a thread on MixedMartialArts.com, posting frequent updates. Bloody Elbow gathered the disgusting timeline. Here's a sampling (all sic'd):

Girl was on top... Went higher than 8 1/2" I'm the air and Arona'd my dyck.

In limbo it is still flowing from the one eye...

They have been trying to clean the dry blood of my swollen shaft in between my tears and pleads for them to be gentle

Their has been a tube stuck out of the small hole at the end of my pee-pee which has allowed me to go urinate without having to get out of the bed...however I must admit, seeing the amount of blood leaking from the hole onto the sheets has made me feel like puking every morning.

Today I learned the word enema.

If you have a strong will and want to read more explicit details—including bloody photos (though not of Elbe's dick)—go here.

[Bloody Elbow]

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