This took place on Sunday, during a match in Peru’s top level. Club Union Comercio was down a goal with 20 minutes remaining when goalie Juan Flores corralled a ball before collapsing to the grass. It was heat exhaustion and Flores was fine, but we’ve seen far too many players go down like that with heart problems. But as one of his teammates attempted to clear the ball so medics could attend to the stricken keeper, Piero Alva, of Cesar Vallejo, swooped in to deflect the clear attempt and score, putting the game out of reach.

At first glance, it’s possible that Alva didn’t mean to score, and the ball just took a fortuitous ricochet. But then you read his comments after the match (as translated by Eurosport) and you realize, yeah, he’s a dick.

“Football is for the living” he said afterwards when asked. “As far as I’m concerned this is simply a blooper by them and should be considered as such. It’s clear that the mistake was made by them.

“If he was injured or had fallen ill, why didn’t he leave the field? Any goalkeeper knows that if they are hurt they have to get the ball off the pitch,” he told newspaper Depor.

It’s being called “the least fair play in the history of soccer.” Flores said he briefly considered punching Alva, but, you know, the semi-consciousness.

The two used to be teammates a while back, and were decidedly not friends. It doesn’t seem like that enmity has eased over the years.