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Today, my friends, is Kentucky Derby Day. Please bear with me as I attempt to hide my contempt for horse racing.

NBC's broadcast of the event starts at 5:00, and post time is set for 6:04, unless a horsey wigs out before entering the gate as one did before yesterday's Kentucky Oaks. But ESPN has you covered for the five hours preceding that, with their own all-day horsey coverage. That's right, there will be five hours of pre-game on ESPN, and one hour more on NBC... for a race that lasts two minutes. I don't even know how this is possible. Does Hank Goldberg give all the horses complete physical exams live on ESPN?

Anyway, I'm just going to politely steer you in another direction for your horsey racing needs. The Derby Blog is all about it, with insight from NBC Derby commentator Donna Brothers, and Jim from over at The Realests.

And if you need any last minute gambling tips, I suggest getting in touch with Anna Nicole Smith.

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