How Not To Get A Press Pass

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Ordinarily, we tend to support gay athletes' struggles for acceptance in a sports culture that doesn't want to acknowledge them, and we also don't like to pass up opportunities to point out the ridiculous nature of mainstream sports leagues' draconian policies of handing out press passes (if you have a ".com" in your title, and "ESPN" doesn't come before it, you're might as well be some tailgating dude who just wants better seats).

But we can't get on board with Roy Simmons, a former New York Giant who is gay and HIV-positive, who is claiming that the NFL discriminated against him by not giving him a press pass to the Super Bowl. Simmons said he wanted to "talk about the importance of HIV testing," which is a noble goal. But when you show up at the press tent two days before the most widely covered event on the planet, demanding a pass, well, discrimination is hardly the reason you were turned down.

Simmons is demanding an investigation into the refusal. Here, we'll help: It was two days before the game. It's called a planner. They're very easy to find. They have a calendar, with which you can write down all kinds of important dates. We suggest looking into it.


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