How Stupid Do The 'Skins Think We Are?

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On Sunday, some social media manager got his or her Twitter accounts mixed up and made it abundantly clear that the @redskinsfacts account, allegedly run by a “growing online community of passionate Washington Redskins fans and others who support the team’s use of its name and logo,” is in fact being run by someone within Washington’s organization. But instead of just taking their lumps, the ‘Skins released an incredibly stupid statement in which they try to wave the whole thing off.


Here’s the team’s statement, via the Washington Post:

“Yesterday our social media team accidentally posted a Redskins-authored tweet to the third-party Redskins Facts account, which is an account founded by alumni players and supporters and managed by a D.C. public relations firm,” a Redskins spokesman said in a statement. “It was a simple login error that was quickly corrected after the mistake was realized. The Washington Redskins have never posted content to any of the Redskins Facts digital assets, which include a Facebook page, Twitter account, and website. Official Redskins authored content can be found at @Redskins on Twitter.”


This is the dumbest thing. Why on earth would the person who runs the official @Redskins account also have the log-in info for this alleged third-party account if they never used it for anything? Also, we already know that the whole Redskins Facts campaign is run by a PR firm that the team hired. Who the hell are these morons trying to fool?

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