Dwight Howard held an actual opinion on something yesterday! It took less than an hour for him to apologize for it.

The Rockets center's desire to please everyone inadvertently made him hold a stance on an issue for a brief moment. Someone on Twitter told him about the violence in Gaza and Howard asked how he could help.

Tweeting doesn't really do much, but it's awareness at the very least. And Dwight wants to help. So, Howard tweeted the hashtag. (The early timestamp's due to a different time zone.)

He then... deleted it and apologized profusely. Why? Because he's Dwight Howard, and he's carefully crafted his public personality so that his wheelhouse is awful fart jokes. Who knows what would happen if we got a peek of Dwight Howard legitimately caring about something?

By deleting the not especially controversial tweet, Dwight made both sides hate him. Impressive! At least he's bringing everyone together in these times of strife and violence.


Somewhat relevant: Howard's teammate, the Israeli-born Omri Casspi, tweeted this about an hour after Howard's apology.