"I Hope Tim Tebow Rapes A Kid" And Other Completely Sane Penn State Fan Reactions To Paternoville's Renaming

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Penn State's student campout group for football games announced last night they were changing their name from Paternoville to Nittanyville, and we noted the reaction from the PSU community was swift and uncomplimentary. The Nittanyville Facebook page found itself flooded with "Unlike" comments, but plenty of students and fans had more "substantial" things to say. The student club organizers, too, received a plenty of angry email from those who still believe in Paterno's innocence. Here's a sampling of choice comments.


And the emails:

Wait for football season to start. The students will have the final say. Remove the signs that say Paternoville. Another idiotic move by stupid people. For you that call yourself a student leader that made this idiotic decision, do us all a favor and transfer. You are not a Penn Stater. call your mother, she the only friend you have remainding.


[name removed] PSU '79

You students are an outright embarrassment to Penn State. You don't deserve the name 'Paternoville' if you don't have the guts to stand up for what's right. Please read the entire Freeh report and note the extreme lack of evidence presented by Freeh against Joepa. Your parents and grandparents who protested in the past at Penn State would be ashamed of you...see Vietnam, apartheid, etc.

I never thought the students at PSU would cave to the media pressure and hype...wow. I'll be sure not to acknowledge you on my weekends at Penn State this year.

[name removed] '91

Vietnam. Apartheid. The unjust slandering of Joe Paterno's name. These truly are the humanitarian crises of our time. It's worth noting a good number of PSU fans supported the name change, though in the hours following the Nittanyville decision their voices were few and far between when compared to the angry Paterno-supporting masses.

Update (11:32 a.m.): It seems our Facebook commenter who hopes Tebow "rapes a kid" was rather prominent in the days after Paterno's death. h/t to HRT