Cops: John Mellencamp's Sons, Son Of IU Baseball Coach Stomped A Guy

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This story has a lot of moving parts, college football players, and the offspring of an aging rocker, so try to keep up.


Three men have been arrested and charged after allegedly assaulting another man on his front porch at a house in Nashville, Ind., just outside of Bloomington, late last month. Those three are: Hud Mellencamp, 19, a sophomore walk-on cornerback at Duke; Speck Mellencamp, 18; and Ty Smith, 19, a freshman walk-on wide receiver at Indiana, and the son of IU baseball coach Tracy Smith.

The Herald Times has the story:

According to a report from BPD Detective Rick Crussen, the man who was injured had been sitting on his front porch with two friends when the Mellencamps and Smith walked up the steps. He said he asked them what they wanted, then was struck in the face by Speck Mellencamp.

After that, “he began being punched, kicked and stomped by Speck Mellencamp and the other two males. They have been identified as Hud Mellencamp and Ty Smith,” the probable-cause affidavit in the case states.

Three roommates inside the house heard the commotion, ran outside and pulled the three assailants off the man. The man said that as he stood up, Speck Mellencamp knocked him backward off the porch, a drop of several feet. The man said Speck Mellencamp continued punching with his fists until one of the roommates intervened.

Witnesses said the Mellencamps and Smith then ran from the scene. They also reported that the three did not say anything, striking without warning. People who were there confirmed that the three hit and kicked the man while he was down on the ground.

Ain't that America?

The assault was reportedly over a fight that had taken place earlier that night during a party at the house, according to the suspects. "Speck Mellencamp said he had tried to stop a dispute between two girls who were fighting over him [Ed note: Sure, Speck.] and was pushed and hit by a man."

All three have been charged with felony battery.

Duke coach David Cutcliffe released this statement last night:

"We are aware of the charges that Hud Mellencamp faces in Indiana. Currently, we are giving him the opportunity to return to Indiana to address his legal issues. We will refrain from any further comment until more information becomes available."


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